This is what it's all about

Hi, we are Stefanie, Kosta and seadog Teddy. We sail & travel around in the world and try to make a living while doing it. Since 2013 we live on our sailboat Ikoko. In 2016 we added a camper van to our 'fleet' to be more flexible when traveling on land.

Where are we?


October 2017: We are currently on a road trip through Germany in our little land-yacht. Stefanie had some health conditions that required her to do a therapy in Southern Germany. After a semi-recovery we are now cruising through our old home country, visiting friends, exploring places and enjoy life despite the rainy and cold weather.

Outlook: We will probably be traveling around until mid-November and then go back to Italy and stay there until January. Ikoko is happily floating in Southern Spain. Check out our Instagram page for up-to-date pictures. Link is in the menu.

You asked... we answer: Some of you asked us whether or not we are still writing a blog? We 'muted' our blog a while ago because it simply consumes too much time. Instead we will be updating this space every month. If you are interested in what we are doing? Go to our Instapage (link on top) or to our other social profiles, which you find at the bottom of this page. We are already working on a new Taste of Salt Site, which involves updates on our travels... but... it takes a bit more time to be launched.